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Become a leading dog trainer in today's industry. This course is like no other as the interactive content will help you get into the dogs head, understand who they are, and comprehend dog knowledge in a way that few in the industry understand.  This unique form of learning will give you a competitive edge whether you work in a dog daycare, are a groomer, vet tech, dog trainer, or just want to strengthen your dog knowledge.


Step into Brad Pattison's world, Best selling author of Brad Pattison UNLEASHED, award winning television series At The End Of My Leash / In The Dog House and PuppySOS. Brad Pattison Online Training delivers unedited and uncut education, so you learn from the best. 


The creator of dog daycare, street safety training, and 6Legs to Fitness, these revolutionary ideals take dog training to the next level, resolving the dogs issues and creating well balanced, amazing companions. Many dog training courses teach ways to mask or bandaid a dogs problems, but in this course you will see first hand how to get to the root problems, develop an in depth understanding of how dogs learn first through body language, and how to build an unimaginable bond between owner and dog. 


The Brad Pattison Online Training Course sets the bar high, is interactive, and unedited giving you an idea of how Brad handles numerous situations with dogs, and how you too can have this success. 


This website is an interactive site for your course syllabus as well as fun videos, dog training tips, blogs, and more. 







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